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21 Jan 2012

Nikon D3s Review

Nikon D3s Real World Photo Review Well, here I am again and this time it is to write my review about a camera that just a few short years ago I would have sold my spleen to buy. The Nikon D3s DSLR is Nikons most ambitious camera to date. With the ability to almost see in the dark, this beast of a camera is probably the most versatile camera I have ever laid my hands on. Yes, the Nikon D3s is the current LOW LIGHT/NO LIGHT champion and if shooting in non-existent light is your thing then this camera is a must try and most likely buy.

As most of you know by now, I shoot with a Leica M9 rangefinder digital camera. I love the compactness, the image quality, and shooting with high quality prime lenses that have ZERO compromises. Yes, I feel Leica makes the best glass in the world and I love the small size and hefty build of them as well. So it has been a while since I shot with a DSLR and I was not so sure I was ready for it. Being so used to my compact Leica kit, something like a Nikon D3s would be huge, cumbersome, and heavy. For me, not a formula for thetake my camera anywhere type of shooting that I am used to.

In any case, B&H Photo was kind enough to send me this Nikon D3s to see what I thought about it and to see if it could sway me from my Leica M9. Did it? Well, no spoilers up front. You are going to have to read on to find out! But be warned, I shot quite a bit with this camera so I have quite a few images to share. This review will be heavy on the real world images more than the text.

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